Julienne Braham

Julienne trained at Reading University and has had exhibitions as far afield as Hammersmith,
King’s Lynn and the Royal West of England Academy.
Drawing is central to her life as an artist and her paintings are essentially celebratory, an expression of empathy with the subject,
a distillation of visual impression and inner feeling.

If you would like to purchase a work or require further information please contact us:
Knighton Fine Art, 2,Broad Street, Knighton, LD7 1BL. Telephone:01547 528052

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Venice with Gondola
San Gimignano
Title:               Venice with Gondola
Medium:         Mixed Media
Size:              30x35cm
Price:             375
Title:                San Gimignano
Medium:          Watercolour, Ink and Crayon
Size:                35x35cm
Price:               475
Farm below Great Rhos
Title:             Venice
Price:           SOLD
Title:                Farm below Great Rhos
Price:              SOLD
Snowed In
Title:                      Snowed In
Price:                    SOLD
Lerryn Low Tide
Come Fly with Me 4
Title:                 Lerryn, Low Tide  
Price:               SOLD
Title:                     Come Fly with Me 4   
Price:                    SOLD
Black Hills
                                                           Title:                 Black Hills                                  
                                                            Price:              SOLD

Apple Trees and Blackbird
Titl e:         Apple Trees and Blackbird    
Price:         SOLD