Ruth Kirkby

Ruth Kirkby has always been drawn to paint plants, vegetables and flowers that are in season and in their natural setting.
She says “nature is the artist and I always do my best to represent her”.
She has won two Royal Horticultural Society Silver Medals and in 2014 a Royal Horticultural Society Gold Medal
 for her illustrations of the Siberian Iris.

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OakHazel Leaf
Title:                      Oak   Leaf
 Medium:               Acrylic               
 Size:                    10x30cm                         
 Price:                   160  
Sycamore Leaf
Hazel Leaf
Title:                 Sycamore Leaf 
Medium:            Acrylic
Size:                 20x30cmcm
Price:                160               
Title:                       Hazel Leaf  
Medium:                 Acrylic
Size:                      15x20cm
Price:                      160