John Hall Thorpe (1874-1947)

Born in Australia in 1874, Hall Thorpe moved to England in 1902 where he studied with members of the Grosvenor School.
In an aim to 'Brighten British Homes' he became a 'phenomenon' with his individually produced, signed woodcuts of flowers.
He died in 1947 after refusing treatment, as a Christian Scientist, for pneumonia.
A retrospective in Australia in 2008 saw these works being sold for $ AUS 1500 - $AUS 3000 each.

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Crocus and Snowdrops
Forgot me nots
Title:              Crocus and Snowdrops
Price:             SOLD
Title:                   Forget me Nots
Price:                 SOLD
Forgot me nots
The Chines
Title:                     Forget me Nots
Medium:               Woodcut
Size:                    15x17cm
Price:                   340 
Title:                The Chinese Vase
Medium:           Woodcut
Size:                 15x17cm
Price:                340 
Title:                      Primulas
Price:                    SOLD  
Title:                      Anemones
Price:                    SOLD
Title:                    Marigolds        
Price:                  SOLD
Title:                   Nasturtiums
Price:                 SOLD
Title:                     Cowslips
Price:                   SOLD
Title:                  Forget-Me-Nots
Price:                SOLD